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What the “BACK UP” Plan Provides

Backing up personal information is very important; but, not everyone does or knows if how they’re backing up is really working. That’s where BRETT-TEK’s “Back Up” Plan comes in. Including everything from the “Tune Up” and “Shields Up” Plans, “Back Up” provides an external USB hard drive with software to perform automatic scheduled backups of your data.  Throughout the year, BRETT-TEK will also verify the backup process is working as it should be, and alert you to any identified issues.

Every 3 months, BRETT-TEK will remotely check your PC and go through a “Tune Up” checklist, ensuring your computer is running optimally. details
BRETT-TEK provides monitored security software, and ensures it’s running. Account information (email addresses, Facebook, etc.) are secured and stored for your records. details
BRETT-TEK creates a scheduled backup of your information onto a provided external hard drive, and checks it quarterly to ensure backups are taking place. details
Secure remote access to PC for diagnosing and resolving minor issues. details
Discount off hourly service & travel rates resolving additional PC problems. details 10%
Monthly Payment $29
Quarterly Payment (5% savings) $83
Annual Payment (10% savings) $313

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