Computers vs. Lightning

Intro There have been a number of storms in the Westlock area this summer, and I’ve seen the results of them on my workbench in the form of PCs that won’t power on anymore or have incurred strange performance issues. Surge Protection Devices (SPD) such as surge power bars are good for combatting lightning, but… Read More »

BRETT-TEK is Moving into Downtown Westlock!

We’re moving! On Tuesday, August 2nd, BRETT-TEK is moving its office into the Muller Realty building at 10408 – 100 Avenue in downtown Westlock.  During the day, Telus will be transferring our phone lines.  Please bear with us as we will be unable to answer calls until this is completed. From the beginning, BRETT-TEK has always been… Read More »

95% of Android Devices Vulnerable to “Stage Fright” Hack

Over 950 million Android phones and tablets are vulnerable to a recently discovered hack known as “Stage Fright”.  With a single video attachment in a text message, hackers can download you device’s content and even activate the microphone or camera to spy on you.  Because of the way Android deals with texts, you don’t even… Read More »

Windows 10 Nearly Here … Get It Free!

Microsoft is Doing Something for Free? Yep! On July 29, Microsoft will be releasing their latest operating system, Windows 10.  If you’re running Windows 7 or 8.1, you’ve likely noticed a “Get Windows 10” icon next in your bottom-right corner notification area since June.  Yes, this is legitimate!  Yes, it’s free!  And yes, you should… Read More »

Facebook Privacy Post HOAX

Every now and then on Facebook there’s a resurgence of the belief that you can post a particular legal-sounding paragraph in your timeline and it will protect your privacy.  This is a hoax and does nothing to prevent Facebook from using your information as laid out in their Terms and Policies that you agreed to when you setup… Read More »

Introducing New PC Service Plans!

BRETT-TEK is now providing PC Service Plans designed to meet various levels of service and care for your home computer(s). “Tune Up” for scheduled remote checkups. “Shields Up” for added antivirus and security protection. And, “Back Up” that includes a backup solution for your personal data. Contact BRETT-TEK today to help determine a service plan… Read More »

Now Accepting Credit Cards!

BRETT-TEK is now accepting Visa, MasterCard, and American Express credit cards.  You can even pay a BRETT-TEK invoice online.  For security, your card information is not recorded or stored on-site.