Clean up and speed up PC. After years of addressing common issues on clients’ PC, BRETT-TEK has developed a check-list of objectives to improve a computer’s performance and resolve irregular Windows activity.

  • Remove buildup of unwanted temporary/junk files and software.  Temporary system files can slowly build up, needlessly filling up valuable space on your hard drive.  Software you never meant to have on your PC can be causing unwanted pop-ups and messages to appear.
  • Disable programs unnecessarily loading with Windows during start-up.  Not every legitimate program has to be running all the time.  Locating and disabling (not removing) programs from automatically loading will help optimize Windows start-up and free up more system resources to do what you want to do on your PC.  Software may still be loaded manually when you need it.
  • Repair problems in the Windows registry.  The Windows registry is like a high-level index: anything that’s been installed, uninstalled, or changed at a system level is made known to it.  Sometimes events can occur that can cause errors or corruption that need to be repaired.
  • Modify web browser settings.  Even after the removal of unwanted/junk software, settings can be left behind in your web browser that can “hijack” your homepage or cause unwanted ads in web pages.

Update Windows and other important software.  New bug patches and security improvements are always being provided for Windows and other programs.  BRETT-TEK will ensure these are up-to-date and running smoothly.

  • Windows.  Even if all “important” updates are being correctly installed automatically, Windows has “optional” ones that are not.  These can be helpful, too, including updates for your hardware devices (sound, video, network, etc.).
  • Antivirus software.  Whatever antivirus software you’re using must have the latest definitions downloaded in order to protect you from the latest attacks and infections on the Internet.
  • Web browser(s).  It’s important to be using the latest version of your web browser to safeguard your Internet experience.  Issues can also arise if more than one web browser is installed that you should be aware of.
  • Web plug-ins.  Having the latest version of web plug-ins – such as Adobe Flash Player and Java – are important to view web pages as they were intended and with the right functionality.


Includes monitored antivirus & firewall protection software.  Rest easy knowing your computer’s security software is working as it should be.  As part of this plan, BRETT-TEK provides a license of an enterprise-level security solution with advanced threat prevention in a single agent delivering unmatched defense against malware for computers.

Secure email and other online accounts (Facebook, online banking, etc.).  BRETT-TEK will ensure your accounts have strong passwords and proper “password reset” settings.

Optional offline record of client’s information.  Some clients may want to have a secondary location that contains their username and password information in the event that it is lost or forgotten.  BRETT-TEK can record the desired information and store it offline.  Offline data is physically inaccessible to the Internet, preventing any possible access by hackers or infections.


Includes external backup device.  As part of this plan, BRETT-TEK will include a 1TB external USB 3.0 hard drive.  It’s important for backups to be done on a media external of the PC in the event of physical damage to the main system and it’s internal hard drive.

Schedule backup of client’s personal PC data.  There are many different backup methods; BRETT-TEK will help you decide which one will work best for you and what information needs to be copied.  An automatic scheduled backup will be configured, and BRETT-TEK will train you on how/when to have your external USB hard drive connected and ready for the backup events.

Verify backup process is taking place throughout the year.  Quarterly, BRETT-TEK will remotely check your PC to verify that your scheduled backup is performing correctly and that it’s still backing up everything that you want.  Modifications can be made to the schedule, if necessary.


Secure remote access to PC for diagnosing and resolving minor issues.  All plans include an installation of TeamViewer to allow BRETT-TEK immediate access to your PC whenever you need it.  TeamViewer is a proprietary computer software package for remote PC control over the Internet.  Only BRETT-TEK will have the ability to access your PC, and only then with your permission. For up to 30 minutes each month, this software can be used to quickly resolve minor issues free of charge and help diagnose larger issues ahead of a chargeable service call.