Email Still Not Working? Here’s What to Do…

Some clients may still be experiencing problems sending/receiving their emails.  The problem is stemming from some Internet providers (Telus, MCSnet, Shaw, etc.) not yet looking to the new location on the Internet where the email accounts now reside.  In time, all Internet providers will refresh and the whole Internet will being looking in the right… Read More »

Malicious Attack on BRETT-TEK Server STOPPED

Approximately 24 hours ago, BRETT-TEK’s web server was hit by a malicious “flood attack” which prevented many email clients from sending/receiving messages.  Attempting to do so often returned an error like the following… “421: Too Many Concurrent SMTP Connections.  Please try again later…” Firewall settings were adjusted and successfully countered the attack.   Delayed Incoming… Read More » Email Accounts Protected

On Friday, May 23rd there was a hack attempt made on the BRETT-TEK web server, specifically upon the VCS-INET.NET domain.  The attack was stopped, but as a precaution all email accounts’ passwords were reset. Hack attempts are never at convenient times, but this weekend was particularly difficult as I am out of town celebrating… Read More »

BRETT-TEK Services Apple, Too

BRETT-TEK services Windows PCs, but what about Apple?  Yes, I also help fix problems on iPhones, iMacs, and other Apple devices.   Apple isn’t a bad company.  They do however, in my opinion, still sell overly hyped products at premium prices.  And a saturation point is being reached where I think more and more people are… Read More »

REVIEW: The Hobbit, Part 2

I see very few movies in theatres, but I went and watched The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug twice.  The last time I watched with my son, Benjamin, who I’ve read the book to and who has read it himself afterwards, too.  So, how did we like the show?     The Location This was… Read More »

The “XP”ocalypse is Coming… April 8th!

In a few short months, Microsoft will discontinue support for Windows XP.  First released to computer manufacturers on August 24, 2001, Windows XP has had an incredible run as far as operating systems go.  Think about it in comparison to other Windows versions… OPERATING SYSTEM GENERAL RELEASE Windows 95 August 24, 1995 Windows 98 June… Read More »

Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! BRETT-TEK will be back fixing computers Friday, December 27.