Order a PC Service Plan

Thank you for choosing BRETT-TEK to optimize and safeguard your computer.  Please choose a PC service plan.

imgServicePlan1_150x150Plan 1 – “TUNE UP”

Every 3 months, BRETT-TEK will securely check your PC remotely and go through a “Tune Up” checklist, ensuring your computer is running safely and optimally. details

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imgServicePlan2_150x150Plan 2 – “SHIELDS UP”

BRETT-TEK provides monitored antivirus software, and ensures it’s running. Account information (email addresses, Facebook, etc.) are secured and stored for your records. Includes the “Tune Up” plan. details

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imgServicePlan3_150x150Plan 3 – “BACK UP”

BRETT-TEK creates a scheduled backup of your information onto a provided external hard drive, and checks it quarterly to ensure backups are taking place. Includes the “Tune Up” and “Shields Up” plans. details

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